Q’VR Alliance is an organisation that represents the technologies and services of a selected group of security technology businesses in Asia, Africa and South America. The business, formally based in Mauritius, represents a network of engineering employees, with a global reach, mainly in developing regions, from multiple organisations, based locally within the regions and country of operation.

The alliance combines and coordinates the services and skills of organisations and individuals who have decades of security
technology experience trading in both developed and developing markets and presents this combined technology resource to both multinational and regional end users to support their technology-specific, estate-wide standards and policies.


The Q’VR Alliance team is responsible for identifying challenges that security technology end users face and solving them via the basket of technologies and services offered by the partners. As a result, we are in constant communication with global users of our security technology.

In addition we have global visibility of the various skill sets and services of the group of partners and are able to either find a match between the alliance’s existing offering and the end-user challenge, or we add and customise a specific solution for an end user.


We build operational solutions, for security technology users, based on:
• Expert knowledge of the technology offered
• In-depth understanding and experience in logistical service
• Insights gained through experience of risk challenges and the ability to translate risk challenges into security solutions
• Skills transfer capability, to ensure suitable skill sets are available at operational level, at every level of the deployed solution
• Ensuring consistent application of an end user’s global standards, across the installed global estate
• Ensuring compliance of all alliance partners with AML and CTF standards


We realise that successful deployment of security technology takes more than simply a choice of equipment or manufacturer.

Peripheral aspects such as logistics, training, design, sourcing and financing are some of the other important aspects that impact an
end user’s achievement of their objectives.

In most instances, it is difficult to phrase such aspects during the project scoping stage and thus it lands in no man’s land during
project execution.

The successful functioning of the technology
deployed goes beyond the initial successful installation of the project. The true benefits are achieved post installation and often
the support and expertise are insufficient and not available during this operational stage of the technology deployment, once the systems integrator has signed off.

That is where we come in.


Q’VR Alliance delivers ongoing presence and participation with customers. The initial installation is only the start of the journey.